Satsuki Odamura

Virtuoso on Koto

Yumi Umiumare

Dancer in the style of Butoh


Shashaten brings to the listener and observer traditional and contemporary music for the Koto combined with Japanese dancer movements and contemporary Butoh dance.

The duo combines music and movement by using narrative and non-narrative stories or themes which are essentially Japanese. This process is portrayed to the audience with the deepest sensitivity and concentration. Sets and props are simple and evocative of the theme.

Satsuki Odamura and Yumi Umiumare aspire to create an understanding of Japanese life and culture through their art form. They also wish to show how their work has been influenced and developed through the artistic and personal experiences while living in Australia.


1998. Performed in Studio 19, Sydney for the opening of the Calligraphy exhibition.

1999. Performed at the opening of Japanese Festival Glen Eira Arts Complex.

1999. Performed at Asian music and dance festival Sydney.

1999. Performed at Songs of the winds Festival Blue Mountains.

Photography and copyright by Six 6 Photography Brad Hick