Seoul Fashion Week 2008 Fall / Winter


SFW2008fw -Tuesday 18 Mar 2008
  DGNK by Kang Dongjun
  Dominics Way by Song Hye Myung
  General Idea by Choi Bum Suk
  GIL Homme by Seo Eun Gil - coming soon
  Mvio by Jang Hyung Tae
  Slingstone by Park Jong Chul
  Song Zio Homme

SFW2008fw -Wednesday 19 Mar 2008
  Kim Dong Soon Ultimo
  Oh Eun Hwan
  Park Dong Jun
  Son Jung Wan

SFW2008fw -Thursday 20 Mar 2008
  Lie Sang Bong
  Park Jae Won
  Resurrection by Lee Ju Young

SFW2008fw -Friday 21 Mar 2008
  Gissen by Kwak Hyun Joo
  Ahn Hae Young
  Selvage by Park Doo Kyung
  Moon Kyoung Lae
  Park Choon Moo
  Y and M by Yang Sung Sook
  Hee Jung
  Latulle by Cho Sung Kyoug

SFW2008fw -Saturday 22 Mar 2008
  Fashion Story Jung Hun Jong
  Ecole de Paris Lee Young Sun
  Haute by Jo Myung Rye
  Lilycomes by Jeone Mi Young
  N.Petillante by Kim Chongwol

SFW2008fw -Sunday 23 Mar 2008
  Kim Soyoen SYK sMall Friends
  Ha Sang Beg
  Moon Young Hee
  Kiok by Kang Kiok
  Enzuvan by Hong Eun Ju
  Kai Zhai by Seo Young Soo


Seoul Fashion Week 2008

March 2008, Seoul.

Copyright and Photography by Six 6 Photography Brad Hick