Fashion Exposed / Preview Melbourne 2008

Fashion Exposed / Preview Melbourne - 14,15,16 Sep 2008
  Globalscope parade 1 Collection by Three88
  Globalscope parade 2 Collection by Three88
  Pacific Brands parade 1
  The Secret Intimates parade 1
  The Secret Intimates parade 2
  Street Style parade 1
  Street Style parade 2
  Debut parade
  Starry Night parade 1
  Starry Night parade 2
  Masters at Work parade 1 'Modern Art' Preview Collection
  Masters at Work parade 2 'Modern Art' Preview Collection
  Bold and Beautiful parade 1
  Bold and Beautiful parade 2
  Womens Catologue
  Collection by Denim Story parade 1
  Collection by B'Coz parade 1
  Street Lab
  Tailored Man parade 1
  Tailored Man parade 2 
  Backstage action
  Wide parade and Debut awards and Stands


Fashion Exposed / Preview September 2008

September 2008, Melbourne, Australia.

Copyright and Photography by Six 6 Photography Brad Hick