Seoul Collection 2008 Spring Summer (South Korea)

Seoul2008ss - Mon 22 Oct 2007
  Demoo by Park Choon Moo
  Kwak Hyun Joo
  Y&M by Yang Sung Sook
  Kwak Hyun Joo Beauty
Y&M by Yang Sung Sook Beauty
  Moon Kyoung Lae
  EJ Lee

Seoul2008ss - Tue 23 Oct 2007
  Vack Yuunzung
  How and What
  How and What Beauty
  Selvage Beauty
  thru Park Eun Kyung
  Hee Jeong by Jung Hee Jung
  hani h by Heo Ha Na

Seoul2008ss - Wed 24 Oct 2007
  An Yoon Jung ANS
  yangs by Hee Deuk
  Hwang Jae Bock
  Kiok by kiokkang
Lilycomes by Jeone Mi Young

Seoul2008ss - Thu 25 Oct 2007
  Andy and Debb
  Publicka by Shin Young Jae
  Enzuvan by Hong Eun Ju
  Jung HunJong
Kang Hee Sook

Seoul2008ss - Fri 26 Oct 2007
  Duchess by Lee Yoon Jung
  SYK small Friends by Kim Soyeon

Seoul Collection 2008 Spring Summer

Oct 2007, Seoul, South Korea.

Copyright and Photography by Six 6 Photography Brad Hick