Hong Kong Fashion Week 2005 Fall / Winter

HKFW2005fw - Tue 18 Jan 2005
  Active Performance Sportfolio by Pang Kai Chung, Vic
  Block and Unblock by Kan O Men
  Cecilia Lau
  Comfortable with her Skin by Lee Wing Che, Wing
  Cover to Expose by Kwok In Wai, Vann
  Dolly Resolutions by Cheung Wai Yin, Cathy
  Fireworks by Lee Siu Hong, Wilson
  Garry Wong
  Glam of Mouldy Damply by Law Mei Yee, Sara
  Harrison Wong
  Hidy Ng
  Homeless Traveller by Ngai Hoi Lee, Natalie
  Human Parcel by Chan Sau Ha, Kasumi
  Listening by Lee Po King
  Looking Back by Yan Chung Wing, Ben
  Michael Hui
  Opening Parade
  Pass Through in Construction by Chou Hiu Ying, Cyrus
  Perrading Balsam by Wong Oi Sze, Katze
  Positive Negative What Would be Your Choice by Wong Pui Shan, Angel
  Virginia Lau
  Weekend by Chong Lo Tomas Alberto
  Zen by Ma Fuk Wing, Kenko

HKFW2005fw - Wed 19 Jan 2005
  Celebration of Life by Ika
  HK New Design Force
  Gary Shiu
  Jane Ng
  Kenko Ma
  Timbee Lo
  Opera by Peter Lau
  Supreme Corea Artist
  Codio Indigo Like by Seung Moo Lee
  Geessen by Yun Joo Kwak
  JW Company by Jeong Woo Lee
  Nasign by Sarah Sim
  Viviene Jean by Vivienne Kang
  Ansmode by Ahn Yoon Jung
  ile minimal and romantic by Eun Mi Cho
  kiok by Kiok Kang
  Vanity in You by Joo Hee Chang
  Ventriloquism by LS King
  William Tang Dim Sum

HKFW2005fw - Thu 20 Jan 2005
  A Sofiyulloh - Indonesia
  Wong - Hong Kong
  Artitude by James Moore - Paris
  Beatrice Looi - Malaysia
  Charles Jourdan
  Didi Budiardjo - Indonesia
  Fiona Fung - Hong Kong
  Guy Laroche
  Hin Shh Sol - Hong Kong
  Lulu Tan Gan - Philippines
  Maggie Chan - Hong Kong
  Michael Chan - Hong Kong
  Roslyn Lakelin - Australia
  Taruna K Kusmayadi - Indonesia
  Wilson Lee - Hong Kong

HKFW2005fw - Fri 21 Jan 2005
  04 Hair Styling Group
  Annie Ling - Hong Kong
  Diane Freis
  Francis Wong - Hong Kong
  Jones Lee - Hong Kong
  Josephine Nathan - Australia 
  Nio Lam - Hong Kong
  Ranee Kok - Hong Kong
  Sabrina Scala
  Shooting Stars 1
  Shooting Stars 2
  Shooting Stars 3
  Simone Ng - Hong Kong
  Sister Jolie
  Susie Hedijanto - Indonesia
  Tong Leung - Hong Kong
  William Cheung - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fashion Week 2005

Jan 2005, Hong Kong.

Copyright and Photography by Six 6 Photography Brad Hick