Mercedes Australian Fashion Week 2005 a/w

MAFW2005aw - Mon 24 Oct 2005
  Asia Pacific Fashion Forum

MAFW2005aw - Wed 26 Oct 2005
  Easton Pearson
  Easton Pearson Beauty
  Easton Pearson Ambient
  Nicola Finetti
  Nicola Finetti Beauty
  Nicola Finetti Ambient
  Charlie Brown 1
  Charlie Brown 2
  Charlie Brown Ambient
  Baylene Beauty
  Baylene Ambient
  Bowie Womens
  Bowie Womens Beauty
  Bowie Womens Ambient
  Hannah McNicol
  Hannah McNicol Beauty
  Hannah McNicol Ambient
  High Tea with Mrs Woo
  High Tea with Mrs Woo Beauty
  High Tea with Mrs Woo Ambient
  Tina Kalivas Book Launch
  Wayne Cooper
  Alpha60 Beauty
  Charlie Brown Backstage & Front Row
  Nicola Finetti Backstage & Front Row
  Wayne Cooper Backstage & Front Row
  Womens Ready to wear Backstage & Front Row

MAFW2005aw - Thu 27 Oct 2005
  Josh Goot 1
  Josh Goot 2
  Mad Cortes
  Caravana 2
  Caravana Ambient
  Bowie Mens
  Bowie Mens Beauty
  Bowie Mens Ambient
  Leopold Beauty
  Leopold Ambient
  Sevn Beauty
  Sevn Ambient
  White Suede
  White Suede Beauty
  White Suede Ambient
  State of Georgia 1
  State of Georgia 2
  Caravana Backstage & Front Row
  Menswear Show Backstage & Front Row
  White Suede Backstage & Front Row

MAFW2005aw - Fri 28 Oct 2005
  Marnie Skillings
  camilla and marc
  camilla and marc Beauty
  Ashe Beauty
  Joshua Granath
  Joshua Granath Beauty
  Material boy
  Material boy Beauty
  One Fell Swoop
  One Fell Swoop Beauty
  Preacher Beauty
  Tom, Dick & Harry
  Tom, Dick & Harry Beauty
  Trimapee Beauty
  Elena Verdiants
  Elena Verdiants 2
  Fani Lei Ka Yu
  Fani Lei Ka Yu 2
  Ingrid Verner
  Ingrid Verner 2
  K. Renee Beker
  K. Renee Beker 2
  Naomi R
  Naomi R 2
  Patrick Li
  Patrick Li 2
  Winnie Ha
  Winnie Ha 2
  camilla and marc Backstage & Front Row
  New Generation Backstage & Front Row
  RMIT Backstage & Front Row
  Mjolk Backstage & Front Row

Mercedes Australian Fashion Week 2005 Autumn/Winter

Oct 2005, Melbourne, Australia.

Copyright and Photography by Six 6 Photography Brad Hick